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We just tripled our portfolio.

TrustBuddy is pleased to announce two new P2P loan products for small and mid sized companies and long-term consumer loans. Additionally, TrustBuddy is now present in two new countries: Italy and the Netherlands. It is has always been in the strategy of TrustBuddy to launch longer dated loan products within the P2P space, and the acquisitions of Geldvoorelkaar and Prestiamoci allows us to faster enter this space. All of us in the TrustBuddy Group, the world's most diversified P2P actor, would like to say thank you to all of our supporters.

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Consumer short-term P2P loans

SME P2P loans

Consumer long-term P2P loans

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We aspire to always be at the forefront of financial innovation so we can give more back to our borrowers and lenders. Our brand new TrustBuddy lending platform enables the right borrowers to fulfill their dreams and the best possible interest for our lenders.

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The TrustBuddy platform enables us to give our customers’ unprecedented features and benefits by leveraging state-of-the-art information technology and sharing marketplaces

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